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Learn Tai Chi with Master Pete Hornby Via Zoom

Taiji Classes

Learn authentic Taiji from Sifu Pete Hornby, level 9 Instructor, from the International Chen Zhenglei Federation. Over the six-week on-line programme delivered through Zoom, you will learn a whole body warm-up sequence, a variety of silk-reeling exercises and the foundation 8 form which entails the key stances of the style. Upon completion of this block, further exciting programmes will be available in order for you to enhance your knowledge, health and well-being.

Chen Style Taiji

The Chen family-style (陳家、陳氏、陳式 太極拳) or Chen-style Taijiquan is a Northern Chinese martial art and the original form of Taiji. Chen-style is characterized by silk reeling (纏絲勁; chán sī jìn), alternating fast and slow motions, and bursts of power (發勁; Fa Jin).

Taiji for Health

Taiji exercises regulate all systems within the body improving digestion, respiration and circulation. As the movements are performed in a relaxed manner this can also lead to a reduction in stress-related disorders. The low-impact nature of the routines improves the condition of bones, joints and muscles without strain whilst encouraging balance, focuses, flexibility and co-ordination to promote health and vitality within the individual.


Taiji as a Martial Art

Traditionally, Taijiquan is practiced as a martial art but has expanded into other domains of practice such as health or performances.

Taiji is a sequence of dynamic movements that combine soft and hard, with fast and slow actions, in a balanced and natural way that adheres to the philosophical Taoist principles of yin and yang from the “yijing” (Book of Changes). Contained within its framework are spiralling, twisting, and unique silk reeling energy movements, jumps, leaps and explosive energy releases.

During practice the body remains relaxed with the practitioners consciousness, breathing and actions all closely connected. These unique features enhance benefits to health, fitness, and weight-loss and are just a few of the reasons why so many people, regardless of age and level of fitness, regularly practice Chen Style Taiji throughout the world today.

Chen Style Taiji continues to remain true to its original meaning and application since its creation – with the current head of the Chen Family, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, internationally recognised as one of the highest level masters within the art.


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