Kickboxing, Chinese Boxing, Sanda, San-Shou, Point Fighting, Full Contact, K1 & MMA


Simple but effective,
Good fun and highly addictive.
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Children & Adult Kickboxing Classes for All Ages.
Women Only Classes are also available.

Learn kickboxing as a means of keeping fit, learning a Sport or simply for Self Defence.

The Classes are taught by Head Coach Sifu Patel who has competed in Kickboxing to a high level. He has Won numerous British, National and English titles as well as being a former member of the British Team and competing abroad, also winning the US Open twice.

There is the opportunity to compete in Point Fighting, Continuous, Full Contact and K1 Kickboxing.

Kickboxing for MMA – Kickboxing is a fundamental component for those wishing to train and compete in MMA.

We fully support our Students that wish to compete and will be there to Coach Students at competitions.

Kickboxing Training

Kick Boxing training Consists of Learning Basic to Advanced Punching and Kicking Techniques including Knees and Elbows and Clinch Work.

Footwork Drills, Partner Drills, Pad work, Bag work and optional Sparring.

The ‘boxing’ part of ‘kickboxing’ is taught inline with pure boxing with all evasion tactics (slipping, ducking, weaving, rolling, ring craft etc).

The difference to Pure Boxing is the inclusion of Kicks so the Boxing element taught is slightly modified to link kicks to follow punches and punches to follow kicks. 

It is not just the techniques but also the concept in which they are trained.

The kickboxing workout includes some of the following: general exercise, body conditioning, skipping, running and can also incorporate some form of weight training.

An important part of the kickboxing training as any other traditional martial art training is sparring. Sparring teaches you timing, speed and accuracy, the ability to hit a moving target and also to be hit.

Exciting NEWS!
WAKO Kickboxing

has got Olympic Accreditation

Following many years of hard work, in 2020 WAKO Kickboxing has been recognised by the Olympic Committee, which means our sport of Kickboxing will be included in future Olympics.

Our School is a member of WAKO (World Amateur Kickboxing Association) which means there is a clear path for the next generation of Olympic Hopefuls to fulfil that dream and work towards being an ‘Olympic Champion’ in Kickboxing.


What Our Students Are Saying …

“I have been a student of Sifu Patel for approx. 7 years, when I first started, I had very little knowledge, & wasn’t fit, however due to Sifu Patel’s dedication & training methods I have progressed, & I am one of the older members of his school. Very friendly school, & I thoroughly enjoy my training sessions.”


Student, Gloucester

“I could not recommend Sifu Patel enough! Firstly, the knowledge that has been shared with me and the skills I have picked up are second to none – I am now such a more confident person because of the life skills I have been taught, along with improved fitness too!! The people are also extremely welcoming ands helpful, starting something new is always daunting and my fellow students made me feel part of the group immediately!”


Student, Gloucester

“A great grappling class with a great, detail-oriented coach. Very contemporary jiu jitsu the likes of which you’re used to seeing at the top end of the sport. Welcoming and friendly atmosphere, suitable for all skill levels, ages, genders and abilities. Can’t recommend it enough! “


Student, Cheltenham


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